acupuncture for arthritis

Arthritis can be treated using a number of tried and true methods. Some of these methods advocate the use of pharmaceutical remedies while other promote a more holistic and natural approach to addressing the condition of arthritis.

Debilitating Pain

Acupuncture treatment has been used to address this problem for a long time. With the proven positive results, more and more people are trying this art form to address their pain and discomfort and sometimes total immobility caused by this condition.

acupuncture and arthritis

Fine needles are inserted into several points around d the body

These points are often near the site of the arthritis pain and not on the exact spot, as most of these specific areas are already inflamed and tender. The points away from the exact area are called distal points.

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The acupuncture needles are usually left in for about 20 minutes and anything between two to twenty needles can be used in any one session. Sometimes when the needles are being removed the individual may experience a pulling sensation where the needle is trying to detach itself from the skin surface.

This is caused by the negative elements being drawn out of the body system through the needle. Depending on the severity of the arthritis condition, several sessions may be required before any significant results become apparent.

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It is not uncommon to experience feeling worse after a session and the acupuncturist should ensure that the individual seeking this course of treatment is well aware of this fact. Some people may experience a mild allergy too.

does acupuncture hurt

Immediately after the first session, some dizziness may be felt as the body is trying to balance and heal itself. However there are some people who come away from a session feeling no ill effects at all. It all depends on the individual and the severity of the arthritis condition.


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